Computers and Electronics

Health Benefits/Infection Control: Computers and electronic equipment collect dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, and other allergens on a continual basis. This creates the perfect environment for contaminants to collect and grow mold. We specialize in on site cleaning and sanitizing of your electronics, including the inside and outside of your computer, keyboard, mouse, telephones, credit card terminals, calculators, and many other devices. Our unique 2 stage technology utilizes the latest in HEPA filter vacuum systems and UV sanitation. We do not use any liquid spray disinfectants or sanitizers that can damage your equipment.

Fire Prevention: Electronics sometimes short out and increase the risk of fire. The chance for fire is compounded exponentially when you have a layer of dust and lint blanketing the inside of your electronics. We offer a routine cleaning service to remove the dust layer and reduce the risk of fire.

Investment Protection: Most electronic equipment has some kind of ventilation system for dissipating heat away from the electronic components. Studies show the life span of computers and other electronic equipment can be dramatically increased if kept clean and free of dust and debris.